Courses Offered

Novel Multimedia Academy Offers the following Courses:

  1. CHRP

    Certified Human Resource Professional Examinations are intended to assess candidates knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for effective management of human resource to achieve organization and individual goals.

    CHRP Qualifications is aimed at filling the skills gap in Training and development of HR Professionals in the delivery of quality HR services. The qualification is, therefore, a requirement for everyone aspiring to be an HR Professional and those already in the profession who require upgrading their skills.

  2. Information and Communication Technology ICT CERTIFICATIONS:


    • To equip ICT professionals with additional value add skills for career progression
    • To prepare fresh graduates with the requisite ICT foundation to build a firm ICT career
    • To develop a community of certified professionals, and provide organizations with the opportunity to ensure their staffs are fully trained and proficient in the implementation of ICT products and Solve ICT related problems.


  3. Kenya National Examination Courses

  1. Diploma in Information Communications Technology (2 years).
  2. Certificate in Information Communications Technology (3 years).

    4. Media Courses

  1. We can also offer the course to you in house if you have a large group.
    Radio Broad casting Techniques, Animation for Studio Production and Sound Design/Coaching for Media involve practical and
    simulation sessions at our radio studio installed at the Training Centre.

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