Current Projects

Digital Literacy Programme(DLP) 2016

The Digital Learning Programme (DLP) was initiated by the Government of Kenya in 2013. The programme is targeted at learners in all public primary schools and is aimed at integrating the use of digital technologies in learning. The decision is borne out of the vision and context that technology now defines our world and there is need to prepare our young people for today’s realities.

This Project is aimed at

  • Entrenching ICT in the teaching and learning process and management of education in primary schools.
  • Equipping public primary schools with appropriate ICT infrastructure to support teaching and learning process.
  • Developing capacity of education managers, primary school teachers and other stakeholders to enable them use the wide range of ICT tools in teaching-learning process and management of schools.
  • Facilitating the development and accreditation of appropriate digital content that will enhance acquisition of 21st century skills.
  • Promoting universal access and equitable distribution to ICT infrastructure in primary schools
  • Integrating sustainable and affordable digital programme in Kenya education system

The key components of the programme are:

  • Provision of digital devices for both learners and teachers.
  • Capacity development for teacher and implementers
  • Broadband connectivity devices
  • Provision of content for digital learning.
  • Establishment of local assembly for digital devices and related accessories.

CCTV Security System Operation course (KNH 2017)

The CEO, Novel Technologies EA Limited, Mr. Lawrence Gitonga presiding over the presentation of certificates and closure of training for the Kenyatta National Hospital Staff in which 47 staff members from the ICT and the Security and Safety departments.

During this event 35 staff members were issued with certificates for CCTV Security System Operation course and 12 senior management staff members from the two departments were presented with certificates for the CCTV security system set up and administration course.

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