Certificate in Information and Communication Technology(ICT)

Introduction of the course:

This course is intended to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes which are responsive to the challenging needs in the computing industry. The course will allow the graduate to work in a salaried employment or self-employment. To achieve this, units such as Entrepreneurship, Communication Skills and Life Skills have been included.

During the course the trainee shall be exposed to the following core areas:

  • Computer maintenance and user support
  • Programming
  • Computer applications
  • Operating systems

Course Description:

The craft Certificate in Information technology is packaged in two modules namely:

  • Module I (Computer Operations)
  • Module II (ICT Assistant)

At the end of each sub module unit, a list of suggested teaching/learning resources, activities as well as evaluation methods have been included. The list is however not exhaustive and our trainers are encouraged to use other additional resources as shall be deemed appropriate.

Certificate in Information Communications Technology (3 years).

Target Group:

  • KCSE Graduates
  • People already in Employment with KSCE Qualifications and want to build/advance their career in ICT.