Media Courses

Media Courses

Get trained in:

  • News Editing on Final Cut Pro X
  • TV Graphics(Wasp 3D)
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Adobe Suite Audio
  Course Duration When

News Editing on Final Cut Pro X

3 Days March 22-24 /June 21-23

TV Graphics      (Wasp 3D)

5 Days May 8- 12 /July 19-21

3D Studio Max

3 Days July 12-14 / Sept. 20-22

Adobe Suite Audio

3 Days Sept. 13-15/Nov. 22-24


We can also offer the course to you in house if you have a large group.
Radio Broad casting Techniques, Animation for Studio Production and Sound Design/Coaching for Media involve practical and
simulation sessions at our radio studio installed at the Training Centre.
*NMA is NITA registered as a training provider (NITA/TRN/1036)*